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Modawake 200mg®


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Modawake 200mg®  tablet is a generic form of modafinil manufactured by Hab Pharma in India. It is packaged in blister packs of 10x pills. Each pill contains 200mg of modafinil.

Modafinil is in the Eugeroic or wakefulness-promoting drug class and is a common treatment for disorders that relate to daytime sleepiness. It is a mild CNS stimulant and is sometimes used in place of classical prescription stimulants, or as an alternative to substances like caffeine.

Modawake 200mg® effects

The active ingredient in Modawake 200mg tablets is Modafinil which is a racemic compound derived from Modafinil.

It increases the level of dopamine in the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. This results in users enjoying their tasks more, even if they are mundane, and developing an ability to stay focused for longer.

Modawake 200mg® is also known to trigger wakefulness and make one feel more energized, leading to an increase in productivity.

Users develop a positive perception of things and an increase in their ability to form memories and remember things.

This is the reason it is called a smart drug and very popular with professionals, students, athletes, or anyone who has a need to be alert and focused at all times.

Modawake 200mg®

50, 80, 100, 200, 300, 500

Modawake 200mg®

Modawake 200mg tablets is a generic form of Modafinil medicine. Modawake 200mg® increases awakeness and alertness levels in the brain. It is effective in a sleep apnea condition, and it can also be useful in shift-work sleep disorder. This medicine can highly effective in treating and enhancing cognitive sleep abilities.


Have you missed a dose of Modawake 200mg®?

If you miss a dose of Modawake 200mg tablets, Do not double the dose. Skip it and continue with your normal consumption.

Side Effects

Modawake 200mg tablets has a small number of side effects that are rarely experienced, but these include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Fevers and chills
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Confusion
  • Hypersensitivity reaction
  • Chest pain
  • Black, tarry stools
  • Difficulty in urinating


Don’t exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor. Swallow the tablet immediately after opening the tablet from the strip. Do not chew/crush/break the tablet.

Avoid missing or forgetting the dose. If you do, take it as soon as you remember; but if it is almost time for your next dose skip the missed dose and take it at subsequent regularly scheduled time. Do not take two doses at the equivalent time which is dangerous to your health.

For best results, take the tablet with food daily at the same time preferably in the morning.

This tablet is not recommended for children.


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