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Tenof EM


Get?PrEP online?and enjoy the benefits of generic Truvada from India. Our generic Indian HIV drugs come under Tenvir-EM, Tenof-EM, Tavin-EM, and Ricovir-EM names.

The two most widely used versions of generic Truvada?for PrEP are?Tenvir-EM?(from Cipla, our bestseller) and?Ricovir-EM?(from Mylan), both of which are?approved by the US FDA?and by the?World Health Organization.

Brand Truvada? is 20-30 times more expensive than its generic versions sold in developing countries – you do the math.?But don’t mistake low prices for inferior quality. Generic PrEP medications contain exactly the same active ingredients as brand-name Truvada and work in the same way.?Ready to buy PrEP and Truvada generic online?

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Although you can?t cure HIV/AIDS, there are various anti-HIV meds available on the market today you can use for?PrEP?or treating HIV-1 infection. It?s easy to manage and live longer with the virus. After reading this article, you know how to use the right medication and experience a happy and fulfilled life no matter your HIV condition.

The most important aspect to note is that there are cost-effective anti-HIV meds that help you prevent yourself from acquiring HIV-1 infection.

These meds are highly effective and tolerable, reducing the risk of getting HIV by more than 95%. The questing is, do you know how to use these tabs effectively?

The most recommended HIV treatment is Truvada ? which is a brand name of anti-HIV med from Gilead Sciences. There are several?generic versions of Truvada?available from different manufacturers. For example,?Tenvir-EM?from Cipla,?Tenof-EM?by Hetero,?Ricovir-EM?produced by Mylan and?Tavin-EM?from Emcure.

All these meds are a combination of two antiretroviral ingredients ? emtricitabine and tenofovir, which are highly effective in preventing HIV acquisition and treating HIV-1 infection.

The best part of generic medication is the cheaper prices, especially if you order from our Highstreetpharma drugstore. Most importantly, ordering Tenof-EM tabs from our store saves you a lot of money. The more tabs you purchase, the lower the price.




Tenof-EM is a generic medication from the Hetero pharmaceutical company. It?s a medication designed with emtricitabine and tenofovir active ingredients.

This med composition is primarily indicated for preventing and treating the following:


  • treatment of HIV/AIDS and HBV;
  • as a prevention strategy ? as PrEP from acquiring HIV-1 infection.

When using Tenof-EM as PrEP medication, other safe sex practices are encouraged for this med to be highly effective. Always follow your medical specialist?s instructions on how to safely use Tenof-EM as PrEP.

Both active ingredients of Tenof-EM are known to be highly effective in preventing?HIV?from multiplying in the body. Being from a class of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor drug, Tenof-EM filters out the virus from the blood, making it lower in number. Note that the med doesn?t cure HIV. It doesn?t also become as effective as you?d expect if you?re using it as PrEP without following other recommended safe sex practices given by your doctor. It?s highly important to adhere to your doctor?s guidance when using Tenof-EM.




Tenof-EM (containing?tenofovir?and?emtricitabine) just like its brand-name version, Truvada, is known to be highly effective and tolerable with few negative effects.

When HIV-1 enters the body (blood), it begins to attack the immune system by using the most critical body defense cell (the white blood cell or CD4+ cell) to replicate. Other than replicating itself, it simultaneously destroys the infected CD4 cells. The more the virus spreads in the blood, the more CD4 cells are destroyed.

CD4 cells are needed to protect the body from illness (external viruses and infections). When these cells become affected (ineffective), and less in number, other opportunistic external viruses take the opportunity and cause diseases. If not treated, the body?s immune system becomes weaker and weaker as the virus increases in number, encouraging other infections to cause diseases that might destroy your health.

Antiretroviral treatment action of Tenof-EM (being an NRT drug) is to inhibit the virus from infecting the CD4 cells by terminating its action. This mechanism has been known to effectively manage the replication of the virus and giving the CD4 cells an opportunity to build themselves and increase in number. When more CD4 cells are produced, the immune system recovers and the body begins to protect itself from external opportunistic infections.

Tenof-EM doesn?t treat already infected white blood cells but prevents the virus from further infecting other cells. Consistently using this med as instructed by your doctor lowers the virus count and increase CD4 cell count. This leads to a stronger immune system, making you stay healthy and live longer with the virus.




Tenof-EM is used as directed by your medical specialist. Take one tablet daily (every 24 hours) with or without meals exactly at the same time of the day. Take this med consistently without missing a dose.

If you miss taking a tablet at an appropriate schedule time, take it while it?s not too late (usually within 12 hours of delay). If it happens that you remember past this time, don?t take it anymore but wait for the next scheduled time to continue with the medication.

If for any reason you want to terminate the use of Tenof-EM, it?s highly recommended that you don?t stop this medication without checking with your doctor. Instant termination of Tenof-EM causes the virus to be less sensitive to Tenof-EM the next time you use it or any other medication that has the same mechanism of action as that of Tenof-EM.

Furthermore, if you?ve HBV and suddenly terminate the dosage, your HBV condition may get worse.




Side effects present themselves differently in every individual. Whenever you experience any strange signs, call your doctor for emergency help. In most cases, report to your doctor if you have signs of allergic reactions including hives, difficulty breathing or swelling (particularly on the face, tongue, lips, or throat).

Common signs include:


  • vomiting;
  • fever;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • feeling depressed;
  • nausea;
  • insomnia (sleep problems);
  • diarrhea;
  • itching or rash.


Other symptoms may be caused by the type of illness you have. Diseases checked for are usually kidney and liver problems or lactic acidosis.

For example:


  • signs of kidney problems may include difficult (sometimes painful) urination, swelling in your feet or ankles, little or no urination, feeling tired or short of breath;
  • symptoms of a liver condition such as nausea, itching, tiredness, upper stomach pain, lack of appetite, jaundice, dark urine and others.


It?s very important to monitor all those signs, including lactic acidosis, since if left untreated or treatment is late, it may lead to complications. Check for symptoms of lactic acidosis like muscle pain or weakness, cold feeling (or numbness) in your legs and arms, trouble breathing, fast or uneven heart rate, stomach pain, nausea associated with vomiting or feeling very weak or exhausted. Note that these signs may be due to other problems that are not necessarily lactic acidosis, but it?s very important to report any symptoms to your medical specialist.


List of Generic Truvada?SIDE EFFECTS



Drug interaction is a common experience. Although some of the interactions are minor and don?t demand any medical attention, there are some interactions, particularly from the kidney and liver treatment meds that can cause fatal problems demanding immediate medical help.

Drug interactions with foods are minor. There is no record showing serious interactions with various kinds of foods. There may be some unnoticeable interactions but the effects don?t alter your health or demand any medical attention.

Alcohol is known to contribute to various drug interactions in a minor way. By itself, there is no known effect. It?s necessary to stop using alcohol if you?re using Tenof-EM and especially if you?re having kidney or liver problems.

Drug interactions from other medications include:


  • didanosine: there are frequent reports of didanosine-associated adverse reactions, like pancreatitis and neuropathy caused by higher didanosine concentrations. Caution should be taken when coadministering this med with Tenof-EM. If the reaction is adverse, didanosine should be discontinued only with a full recommendation from a doctor;
  • drugs are known as HIV-1 protease inhibitors. For example, Tenof-EM decreases the levels of atazanavir. To control this, atazanavir 300 mg should be used together with ritonavir 100 mg. Do not coadminister Tenof-EM plus atazanavir without ritonavir;
  • some hep C antiviral agents, especially Harvoni, increase Tenof-EM exposure in the body. Also in treating HBV, hep B drugs like Hepsera (adefovir dipivoxil) should not be combined with Tenof-EM;
  • meds affecting renal function.


There are other potential drug interactions we didn?t list. Your doctor should perform a comprehensive body analysis for potential drug interactions. It?s also necessary to list all the meds you use (either OTC, prescription, herbal remedies, etc.) there might be a likelihood for some drugs you?re using to cause adverse interactions with Tenof-EM.




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