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Tenvir EM


Get?PrEP online?and enjoy the benefits of generic Truvada from India. Our generic Indian HIV drugs come under Tenvir-EM, Tenof-EM, Tavin-EM, and Ricovir-EM names.

The two most widely used versions of generic Truvada?for PrEP are?Tenvir-EM?(from Cipla, our bestseller) and?Ricovir-EM?(from Mylan), both of which are?approved by the US FDA?and by the?World Health Organization.

Brand Truvada? is 20-30 times more expensive than its generic versions sold in developing countries – you do the math.?But don’t mistake low prices for inferior quality. Generic PrEP medications contain exactly the same active ingredients as brand-name Truvada and work in the same way.?Ready to buy PrEP and Truvada generic online?

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HIV/AIDS is one of the serious global public health challenges affecting more than 37 million individuals globally. There is no cure for?HIV, but there are highly effective remedies that help slow the virus from multiplying in the body. There exist both brand-name versions as well as generic counterparts.

The most widely known anti-HIV drug is the brand-name Truvada. We do sell generic Truvada at the cheapest cost based on Indian manufacturers. Some of these generics include Tenvir-EM,?Ricovir-EM,?Tavin-EM, as well as?Tenof-EM.

Generic drugs have been the go-to medication to help minimize virus replication in the body due to its cheaper price. Before the approval of generic HIV meds, the cost of treating HIV infection was extremely expensive considering the fact that most patients affected by HIV/AIDS are from low and middle-income social groups.

Tenvir-EM (from Cipla Ltd) is a highly cost-effective drug used in combination with other meds that have a different mechanism of action in combating HIV-1 infection. Any HIV patient is eligible to use this drug regardless of whether they?ve been treated with other HIV medications or are undergoing HIV-1 medication for the first time.

Tenvir-EM comes as a combination of two active antiretroviral ingredients ? containing 300 mg of?tenofovir disoproxil fumarate?(or TDF) and 200 mg?emtricitabine. Other than being used in treating HIV infection, it?s also indicated for other uses such as for?PrEP?and hepatitis B treatment.

Used daily, Tenvir-EM tablets play a major role in reducing the risk of becoming infected with the virus. It?s important to note that PrEP treatment involves a visit to the doctor or healthcare specialist every 12 weeks for follow-up and testing.



Being in a state where medication is a compulsory experience for remaining healthy and living longer, it?s important to look for mediation that provides the most effectiveness with fewer side effects. It?s true that Tenvir-EM is the go-to medication that comes with high efficacy and tolerability.

The cost of medications is also a factor to consider. Brand-name?drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment?are extremely expensive and not easily accessible for mass use. On the other hand, generic meds for HIV treatment are very cheap. In fact, it?s more than 95% cheaper compared to the brand-name versions.

Furthermore, the more tabs you buy, the cheaper the price. That?s the reason we sell Tenvir-EM tablets at cheap prices including other tailored offers to further cut the cost.

Purchasing meds over-the-counter is the best alternative due to its easy availability. There are a large number of popular anti-HIV medications with high-quality generic equivalents available to consumers. Note that generic drugs are approved by the WHO and U.S. FDA. It contains the same drug formulation, active ingredients and effectiveness in treating the aforementioned conditions (bioequivalent). Including Highstreetpharma, most OTC drug suppliers give you free shipping when you order Tenvir-EM in bulk.



HIV-1 infections rapidly spread throughout a patient?s body and largely affect the body?s immune system by affecting the production of CD4 cells. CD4 cells are the most crucial glycoprotein found on the surface of immune cells (commonly known as white blood cells, T-cells, etc.). T-cells play a significant role in the immune system. The number of white blood cells reflects how healthy your immune system is since it acts as your body?s natural defense system, protecting you against pathogens, infections and illnesses.

When an HIV-1 infection enters your body, it attaches to several parts of these CD4 cells preventing its action of multiplying by attacking and killing them which, over time, gradually destroys the immune system ? making it easy for any illness to get the opportunity to destroy the patient?s health, likely leading to death.

Tenvir-EM for PrEP protects your body significantly from acquiring HIV. It prevents the virus from establishing permanent infection in the body while it?s still in its early stage. The virus can?t find the opportunity to use the CD4 cells to proliferate. If used for anti-HIV, Tenvir-EM inhibits the action of HIV-1 from attacking the CD4 cells. In fighting against the virus, Tenvir-EM prevents HIV infection by destroying its reverse transcriptase action and limit the virus from multiplying.

When the copying action of the virus is limited, the CD4 cells take the opportunity and begin to increase. The higher the numbers of CD4 cells, the healthier the person. Tenvir-EM meds are designed to restore your health in order to stay healthier and live longer, even with the virus. Note that anti-HIV meds can?t cure HIV/AIDS, it?s only meant to reduce the virus? mode of action and increase the patient?s CD4 cells count to boost the body?s immune system.



Take the Tenvir-EM pill exactly as directed by the doctor. Swallow one pill as a whole or if it?s hard to, the tablets can be fragmented in about 100 ml of water to ease the dosage. Don?t take in smaller or larger quantities than advised.

If you missed the dose at its usual scheduled time, take it as soon as you remember (within 12 hours of the usual time) so as to resume the next normal dosage schedule. If you forget to take the medicine and remember it 12 hours later, it?s recommended not to take the dose but wait for the next scheduled time.

In some cases, if you vomit the medication within one hour of taking Tenvir-EM, another pill should be taken. But, if the vomit happens more than one hour following the dosage of Tenvir-EM, there is no need to take an extra dose. Just wait for the next scheduled dosage.

Furthermore, do make sure to complete the course of medication as advised by the doctor to prevent the spread of the infection. It?s necessary for your medical specialist to closely monitor the kidney and liver function while taking this medicine.



Like any other treatment, there are both major (adverse) and minor side effects that may occur when using Tenvir-EM tablets. Side effects vary depending on the patient?s health condition.

Some effects are also attributed to the usage of other drugs that may interact and are likely to cause some adverse effects. It?s recommended to perform a complete body health check-up if there is a high risk of body weakness that may be affected by anti-HIV medications.

Common effects of Tenvir-EM:

  • cough (or hoarseness);
  • chills;
  • dizziness;
  • joint pain;
  • loss of weight;
  • headache;
  • abdominal pain;
  • burning or painful urination;
  • rash;
  • indigestion;
  • depression;
  • chest pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • rash;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • depression;
  • itching.


Adverse effects that may occur in some patients may include renal impairment, which can occur due to the active ingredients of Tenvir-EM which are principally excreted by the kidneys. A creatinine clearance glomerular function should be calculated in all persons before using anti-HIV meds like Tenvir EM. If used as PrEP by HIV-1 uninfected individuals, it?s recommended that the individual have an estimated creatinine clearance above 60 mL/min. Another effect of this drug is the bone effect (or reduction in bone mineral density) and lactic acidosis.

List of Tenvir-EM?SIDE EFFECTS


Prior to taking this med, first inform your medical specialist of all the drugs (no prescription drugs, prescription meds, herbal remedies, etc.) for the presence of drug-interactions possibilities. It?s common for various drug combinations to cause adverse reactions that might harm your health and complicate the treatment of the HIV-1 infection.

The reason for a health checkup is to find possible drug interactions, since they vary from person to person. A doctor is an ultimate helper to lead you when initiation Tenvir-EM.

Interaction with alcohol is the most common for most drugs. With regards to Tenvir-EM, the interaction is unknown. This doesn?t mean there are no interactions but there is no sufficient serious reaction that deserves medical attention. It is advisable to consult your medical specialist prior to using this med if you intend to continue drinking alcohol.

Tenvir-EM taken with foods is safe. There are no known drug interactions. The only serious part is drug-drug interactions, especially if you?re using meds for renal dysfunction, liver or kidney disease. Medication for renal diseases may lead to an increased risk of serious adverse effects.

Caution is needed if you?re using meds or if suffering from liver disease. There is a severely increased risk of worsening of the patient?s health if Tenvir-EM (due to its active ingredients) is used. Close doctor?s monitoring of liver function is highly recommended while medication with this medicine.



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Being the ultimate remedy to treat HIV/AIDS, HBV, and as part of the PrEP therapy, Tenvir-EM is rated high due to its well-known efficacy and tolerability, accompanied by fewer common side effects. More clients buy this medication in bulk orders, giving them the ability to enjoy exclusive benefits of bulk purchases.




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