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Revize Micro Gel


Revize 20 mg is a topical formulation containing tretinoin. This retinoid medication is widely used to treat a range of skin issues, including acne, dark spots caused by excessive sun exposure, and visual signs of ageing.

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The medicine is available in the form of a cream that you apply it directly to your skin wherever zits are a problem. This tretinoin preparation is majorly effective in removing stubborn acne. The active skin ingredient follows a mechanism through which it quickly and effectively removes pimples. Revize opens clogged skin pores and prevent the formation of pimples. When your skin pores are not clogged, blackheads and acne cannot develop. Being a vitamin A derivative, tretinoin affects skin cell growth, increasing the turnover of cells. It allows new skin cells to replace the old and damaged ones, and the rapid turnover of cells prevents new pimples from forming. The skincare ingredient rapidly exfoliates the skin and decrease the buildup of dead cells within the pores. This effectively reduces the formation of comedones, which begins the popping of pimple. By a similar mode of action, the skincare ingredient causes a significant reduction in wrinkles, dark spots and smoothen the rough areas of the skin. In individuals with sun-damaged skin, improvement usually visible within the first 3 to 4 weeks of regular usage of the cream. Dark spots of hyperpigmentation begin to fade after six to eight weeks of treatment. Within three to six months, there may be a visible improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


0.025%(20gm), 0.04%(20gm)


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